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Theatre helps children become well-rounded, well-prepared thinkers. It introduces great literary works and nurtures exploration of new concepts and ideas. Ultimately, they will leave a little braver, a little more creative, and have a stronger foundation for critical thinking, empathy, and compassion.


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Important COVID-19 Announcement

Horizon Youth Theatre continues to monitor the updates coming from the Governor regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the state moved to slowly begin reopening some businesses last week, it has not yet reopened theaters and maintains limits on gatherings of more than ten people.

Right now, we are reviewing all programming for the spring and summer to determine what can be offered online if social distancing protocols remain in place for the coming months. We are confident that the Festival of Shorts, the HYT Cabaret, and even the Summer Workshops could all take place online if needed, and will make every effort to ensure that they move forward. Likewise, we are looking at how these events might take place if we can meet face-to-face, but with restrictions on crowd size in place. As the state revises its directives, we will keep you informed of how this impacts HYT. Every decision we make will be in accordance with public health guidelines from the state.

No decision has been made about the spring musical, "Godspell". We feel confident that if there is a sudden, positive change in the situation, we could mount this production fairly quickly. If we cannot present it this year, we will offer two musicals next spring and summer: "The Sound of Music" for our regular HYT students, and "Godspell" for the high school seniors of 2020 and 2021.

This current crisis may impact how we can reach out students, but it will not hinder our basic mission. I am proud to serve on a Board that is forward-thinking, creative, and willing to meet these challenges directly, and I hope we can count on your continued support in these efforts.

Best wishes,
Tom Edge, President, Horizon Youth Theatre


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