• We expect all students to be on their best behavior at all times
  • Respect for oneself, others, and facilities are demanded from everyone involved in Horizon Youth Theatre. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • hurtful language
    • destruction or misuse of property
    • disruptive behavior
  • If a student’s behavior becomes unmanageable, a parent/guardian conference is scheduled
  • If the student’s behavior continues, Horizon Youth Theatre reserves the right to dismiss the student (without reimbursement)


  • The safety of your children is the highest priority for Horizon Youth Theatre
  • Children will stay in a group with the director/instructor at all times
  • Upon dismissal, all children will stay in the performance space until family or designated individuals pick them up
  • If you have worked out an agreement with the director/instructor to have your child picked up outside of the activity space, (IE the exterior door), your child will wait with the cast until the director is able to walk them out – there are absolutely no exceptions

The Horizon Youth Theatre board is determined to carryout our mission to provide education through theatre in a safe and positive learning environment.

Crew Code of Conduct

If crew members notice problems with sets or props that may pose a risk to others, they will report the issue immediately to the stage manager, director, or another responsible adult. Under no circumstances will they correct the issue themselves without proper adult supervision. 

Students who are interested in learning other technical skills can choose from one of the following options. Please be prepared to attend auditions before Tech Week to begin this training. 

  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Set Design
  • Costuming