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Drama Club: July 19

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Thursday, July 19th
4:30 pm – 6:00 pm

Ages 6-12: How to Use Stage Space

Instructor Alli Reinholt will be teaching kids how to use the entire stage to make monologues or sentences more dramatic and fun to watch. They will be reading monologues and playing games to give the an idea of all the space they have.

Ages 12-18: Audition Prep

Led by Cassie Greenlee and Tim Barker. These workshops will be open to all students who are eligible to audition for 13 the musical. Attendance is highly recommended for any students planning on audition. If students want to audition but cannot make one or both of the workshops, it is highly recommended that they touch base with Cassie, who will be sending out the prep materials used for these workshops.

July 19: What is a Dance Audition?
Meet 13 Choreographer Tim Barker for an introduction to the styles of dance used in 13 the Musical. Participate in a mock dance audition structured just like the dance audition for 13 will be structured, and have the opportunity to ask questions of the choreographer as well as director Cassie Greenlee.
July 26: Let’s talk about 13!
Talk with director Cassie Greenlee about the show and its roles. Get advice and character details to better prep for your audition. Discuss the best way to select appropriate songs and monologues, and receive feedback from Cassie on a mock audition.


Woodland Mall