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Summer Workshop: Introduction to Film

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St Marks Lutheran Church 315 S College Dr Bowling Green, OH 43402 Map

HYT’s Summer Workshops are supported in part through the generous support of the Bowling Green Community Foundation.


July 9-13, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM


St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Bowling Green




15 students


Carolyn Mullins


A workshop focused on using video as an art medium. Participants will be challenged to think critically and creatively while using video in a non-traditional way. Learn cool video techniques such as feedback loops, green screen, projection and more! Special Note: One class (date TBA) will be held at the Michael and Sara Kuhlin Center at BGSU, to allow the students to use a green screen.


Since I was young, I had always used writing and film to express myself and the way I perceive the world. Experimental filmmaking has allowed me to take different thematic ideas and mold them into a piece that makes people think differently about the reality that is presented to us. Experimental film is a very important art form to me and I hope to pursue it in my future career as a filmmaker. Inspiring other artists and filmmakers to test their limits and experiment is always something that I am passionate about.