Fall 2018 Performance: Silly Goose


Performances will take place at Otsego High School. 18505 Tontogany Creek Rd, Tontogany, OH 43565. Admission is $5.
Friday, October 26th at 7:00 pm
Saturday, October 27th at 7:00 pm
Sunday, October 28th at 2:00 pm

Play Synopsis

Silvia Goose comes to tell her story from the year of her birth to the present day. The story is compiled from three folk tales, “The Little Goslings”, “The Goose Girl”, and “The Golden Goose”.

“The Little Goslings” is actually a variation of the Three Little Pigs story, but with a family of geese and a fox.  To protect her goslings from the Fox, Silvia’s mother arranges for a blacksmith to build an iron house. The fox tries several times to trick the geese into letting him in, but he is foiled each time. Finally, when he is nearly killed, he decides that the geese are more trouble than they are worth and leaves. When the goslings learn how to fly, Silvia discovers that she suffers from acrophobia, a fear of heights, and will be unable to fly south with her family.

The blacksmith, whose name is Channer, is more than a blacksmith and offers to introduce Silvia to a local flock of geese who live on the grounds of the royal palace. There, Silvia witnesses the event of “The Goose Girl”.

Silvia doesn’t fit in well with the other geese, so she watches the humans instead. A princess arrives with her maid to marry Prince Anders, who is heir to the throne. The princess is very haughty and rude to everyone, but the maid is very pleasant, although quite sad.  The maid becomes the Goose Girl and she looks after the flock of geese.  Because of the behavior of the princess, Prince Anders escapes the palace and visits the meadow and he and the maid become friends. King Delroy, Anders’ father, becomes suspicious of the princess and tried to get information from the maid, but the maid cannot help him because she made a promise not to speak of anything concerning her travels. King Delroy convinces her to share her story with Silvia, and she does. The maid is actually Princess Elmina, and the woman pretending to the Princess is the maid in disguise. When the King learns the truth, he bring elmina back to the palace, exposes the maid’s crimes and banishes her. And Prince Anders married Princess Elmina at the end.

So Silvia helped the Goose Girl to her happy ending, but Silvia is not happy with her life. Without Elmina, Silvia doesn’t have anything to look forward to from day to day. Channer offers her to travel with him and help him with his work. It turns out that Channer is one of those magical old people who help good folks and punishes bad ones. So Silvia agrees to work with him. They travel together for many years. Fifteen year later, they return to the kingdom. Anders is now King. Elmina died two years ago, and their daughter, Marisa, is stopped smiling and laughing.

In “the Golden Goose” A mother had three sons, and one by one they went out to seek their fortunes. The older two were rude to the old man (Channer) and were punished. The youngest son, Jack, is kind to the old man, so he is rewarded with a golden goose (Silvia). As Jack travels with the goose, an Innkeeper’s daughter tries to steal a golden feather and gets stuck to the goose. Her sisters try to free her, and they get stuck. As Jack travels, the line of people who get stuck to each other grows until they pass the palace where Marisa sees them and starts to laugh. King Anders had offered a reward for anyone who could make Marisa laugh, and Jack gets the reward and has his happy ending. But to do so, he gave Silvia to the King, and Silvia’s not happy about that.

So Channer tells Silvia that she can make her own ending. She can stay and retire with King Anders, or she can continue to travel with Channer and help people. Which path will she choose?