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FAQ: What Am I Getting Myself Into?

So, what exactly am I signing up for?
By signing up for this class, you are signing up to be a student director for a one act at HYT's 2018 Festival of Shorts. The directing class is designed to teach you how to analyze a script and direct a short play, with the very tangible end goal and product of a One Act that will be performed in front of many people in April. 
That sounds like a lot of work.
You are not wrong. Directing is a lot of work, and so the directing class is going to be more intense than any other HYT Winter Workshop you may have taken. In the beginning half of the class, you will be given weekly assignments that will need to be completed on your own time before the class meets again. If you are absent one of those weeks, you will have to put in some serious effort to catch up because we have a lot of ground to cover and not a lot of time to do it. Then, in the latter half of the class, you will be hosting and leading rehearsals for your one act, 3-4 times a week.
Are you trying to scare us away?
Not at all. Directing is hugely rewarding and, in my opinion, lots of fun. But it is also a lot of work, and I want to make sure you know what you're getting into. To take this class, you will need dedication, a good work ethic, and pretty excellent organizational and time management skills. 
I'm in Newsies/Secret Garden (or want to be)/another production going up in the spring of next year. Am I able to do both?
For Newsies and Secret Garden, yes. For other shows, it depends. The physical time commitment of the directing class through the end of February is only two hours a week, on Saturdays when the class meets. We won't get into rehearsals for the one acts until March. 
What days are absolutely mandatory?
Auditions are March 4 and 5, times to be determined. Performances are April 13, 14, and 15. There's a tiny bit of wiggle room there, so definitely talk to me if there's a conflict, but those are the big days. 
How many people can take the class?
That's not a lot of people.
No. But we have five performance slots for one acts. We can potentially having directing teams, if there is a ton of interest and there are personalities I know would work well together, but there's no guarantee. So five. 
I definitely want to sign up. How do I do that?
There is an application below. Filling out an application does NOT guarantee you a spot in the class. See question about how many people can take the class. Completed applications can either be put in my hands or sent to my email at
I have more questions/concerns that need addressed before I decide.
Absolutely. Come talk to me.
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