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Summer Workshop: Introduction to Film

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St Marks Lutheran Church 315 S College Dr Bowling Green, OH 43402 Map

HYT’s Summer Workshops are supported in part through the generous support of the Bowling Green Community Foundation.


July 9-13, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM


St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Bowling Green




15 students


Hailey Ameling


A workshop focused on using video as an art medium. Participants will be challenged to think critically and creatively while using video in a non-traditional way. Learn cool video techniques such as feedback loops, green screen, projection and more! Special Note: One class (date TBA) will be held at the Michael and Sara Kuhlin Center at BGSU, to allow the students to use a green screen.


My entire life I have always been involved with the arts. For me, art is a great way to say things that can’t be said with words. It’s another language that can be used to connect and relate to other people. I believe Film is a great medium because it has the ability to work with time and space. Something you can’t do with paint or pencils. Most of my personal work revolves around experimental film and discovering new ways to use video in an interesting way.